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The table below shows - in descending date order - any comments sent out to the membership to accompany the results.

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A very good turnout last night for our last session of the year. Our worthy winners are Sylvia and Brenda, so many congratulations to them. Well played Chris and David being the only pair to bid and make a slam on an evening of big scores. On behalf of Peter, Keith and myself, could I thank you for your kind gifts organised as ever by Mike Wood.

We will be playing on the 3rd. of January, but in the meantime have a very good Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018. Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations this week are due to Babette and Mike. Well done. Judging from the hands there was clearly potential for competitive bidding. A special mention goes to Chris and David being the only pair to bid and make a slam. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a narrow margin are Sue and Derek (no longer super sub but a regular first team player). Many congratulations. I think the computer really produced some fascinating cards last night. There were 6 slams bid and made with board 11 producing a scorer's dream in that all the scores were the same which meant I entry and 7 pushes on the enter button. Regards, Buzz

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Here are what I hope are the correct results for last night. When I started again the system seemed to be back to normal, although eventually only three travellers as shown on the screen were correct. The other 24 needed amending. Anyway, the winners this week by a clear margin are Irene and Lionel, so congratulations to them. Regards, Buzz

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This week's No. 1 spot goes to Babette and Mike by 2.50%. Congratulations. The cards last night were I felt a complete cross section of what might be expected. Many part scores, failed contracts yet 5 slams bid and made. Well done those that found them. A near capacity turnout with 12 full tables and not once did I have to ask for quiet! Regards, Buzz

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Herewith the results for last night's C I N Sims. Peter and Tony clear winners again so many congratulations to them. As yet I have not forwarded the results to E Cats bridge as I have problems attaching the EBU nos. Apparently there is a new data base to be downloaded to scorebridge from the EBU. Will process as soon as possible. Regards, Buzz

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Herewith the results for last night. The scorer's decision is final! Fortunately the incorrect movement of the boards was discovered early on, but I have had to make use of the delete button on a fairly regular basis in respect of those boards affected. Some hands were played twice by some pairs, so I took out the incorrect play and kept those shown to be right by the scorebridge programme. It basically comes out "in the wash" as the final percentages are only scored on those boards correctly played. Anyway, the worthy winners by a good margin are Peter with newish partner Keith, so very well done. Remember it is children in need next week, so please make a special effort to attend. Regards, Buzz

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As I have mentioned on a few occasions Theo Todman keeps a wide range of statistics on various Bridge Clubs, including the Jubilee. You will see if you follow the link in Theo's message that the only pair to better Linda and Peter's score last week in the last six years were (you've guessed it) Linda and Peter on the 21st Dec. 2012 with 74.21% and on the 12 March 2014 with 74.15%. Speaks volumes does it not. Regards, Buzz. P.S. Thanks to Theo.


This week's winners by the amazing margin of 14.29%. are Linda and Peter with one of the highest scores I can recall of 73.02%. Very very well done. The rest of us are trailing in their wake! Peter Mamelok raised the question of pre dealt hands again following responses from players during the week. The general consensus was that we would carry on with the existing system, but would also have boards not machine dealt from time to time without letting on when, so that we can have a proper test of players reactions when the cards have been played. In the meantime please let us have any further thoughts you may have. Regards, Buzz

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This week's worthy winners are Sue and Derek, with an excellent score of 68.61%, not far off the 70% club!. A mention also for Chris and Terry who with a total of 65.28% in second place would have come top on many occasion. 10 tables was again a good turnout, and as those who were there, we once again raised the topic of pre dealt hands. Whilst I have the impression that most people feel they are perhaps more interesting than hands dealt on the night, others are not happy with them. As you are aware the whole ethos of the club is for enjoyment with cards being played in a friendly and relaxed manner. We have always said that if people are not happy with the current situation we would review it, and perhaps come to a compromise with some evenings of pre dealt hands with others being dealt on the night. Peter our director has asked for "members" to contact him on pmamelok@gmail.com with their thoughts so that we can gauge the overall sentiment, so it would be helpful if those who wish to make their feelings known would do so. Many thanks, Buzz

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It is very close at the top this week with John and Richard a whole 0.39% ahead of Geri and Keith. Congratulations. For those who have the print out of the hands there is no detail for boards 25-27 as they were dealt on the night. Pleased to say have triumphed over hand attachment herewith. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a clear margin are Margaret and Chris Rastin. Very well played. As a humble scorer not blessed with psychic powers I can only score the results as shown on the travellers. It would appear that boards 1,9,10,17&18 were not arrow switched so that is what has been entered. It is important as two of the scores were tops and therefore make quite a difference if they had actually been switched correctly. There were a couple of other scores where the hand had gone down and the resulting entry was incorrect as the vulnerability was not taken into account. Fortunately the scorebridge system picks this up. At least it keeps me on my toes! Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations this week go to the tried and tested team of Geri and Keith, helped a little perhaps by my doubling their 5 clubs making on board 24! Well done. Plenty of high scoring contracts last night which can be seen from the number of slams bid and made. Regards, Buzz

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Many congratulations to my neighbours Wendy and Ros for being this week's winners Very well done as I thought the cards were quite tricky (no pun intended) last night. To me it seemed to be an E/W evening. Regards, Buzz

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Very very unusually, in view of the break down in the movement last night and hands being switched on board 23, it was decided that there would be no results for last night. Apologies to those who were having a good evening. Regards, Buzz


Our winners this week are John and Richard, just ahead of Anne and Bob. Congratulations. Well done those 4 pairs who bid and made slams. Interestingly, they were all on different boards. There were complaints last night that E/W had a pretty poor share of the cards and indeed 12 out of the 22 we played were heavily in favour of N/S. I think a solution may be to limit the number of pre dealt hands to 24 and if we need more we will have to deal them ourselves as with a certain no. of tables ie.10 we do. Will mention to Bernie on Monday if he is there. Regards, Buzz

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Once again our clear winners this week are Peter and Tony who did seem fairly confident at the end of the evening, correctly as it turned out. Many congratulations. A special mention also for John and Colin who bid and made a club Grand Slam on board 7. It does seem a very long time ago that I recall another.

I regret that I do not have the details of the hands, so could not attach them.

Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations to Penny and Pete Dixon for a fine second place behind an outstanding pairing (apparently) which modesty prevents me from naming. I await phone calls during the day querying the scoring! I managed to track down the hands on the memory stick Bernie gave me on Monday so they are attached. What an excellent turnout last night, long may it continue, with I thought some really interesting hands. Regards, Buzz

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Herewith the results for last Wednesday showing the formidable pairing of Peter and Tony just ahead of Amanda and Mike. Congratulations. Try as I might I could not tie in the hands to any of the data Bernie gave me on a memory stick some weeks ago, so the hands are not shown with the results. Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations this week go to Linda Fleet and Albert Kitchin, who were just ahead of Lyn and Tony Gray. On a comfort note, Bernie phoned me to gauge opinion on the greenish chairs he is trying out. Whilst virtually everyone agreed that the existing furniture was really quite good especially as the fronts are curved and therefore comfortable for the backs of one's legs, the smaller of the two alternatives was the better of the two, although the colour was definitely not agreeable to most.

We are aware that the pre dealt hands are not popular with some. I think one of the problems is that at the moment, 30 hands are being dealt in advance, so as per last night, if we play say 22, they can appear very biased and unbalanced, especially with a sit out and an arrowswitch as the programme makes sure that the hands are fair to all, provided all are played. This is still a trial period, so could I ask that we stick with them to the end of the month and then take review the situation. We can always go back to the old system.

Regards, Buzz

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A truly excellent turnout last night with 13 full tables. I think the typical English summer weather may have helped. We have two joint winners this week namely Mike and Christine and Mike L. and Linda S. Well done.

I have already congratulated one quarter of the leaders! It was an evening when competitive bidding and doubling was more in evidence than usual. Regards, Buzz

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This week's victors are Christine and Mike over 8% ahead of the field. An excellent result.

Board 4 was a scorer's delight as all the entries were identical. Most were 2 down in no trumps. Clearly a trap for the unwary. Well done the 5 pairs who bid and made a slam. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners are the old "hands" of Geri and Keith just ahead of John and Peter who were both well ahead of the rest of the field. Well done. According to the print out of possible results, slams were available on boards 1 10 and 12. Congratulations to those that bid and made them. An evening of many part scores I felt. Regards, Buzz

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Try as I might, I am afraid I have yet again failed to attach the hands, notwithstanding Bernie's tuition last night. Wait … It seems easy when you know how. The answer is double click!

This week's winners are Peter and john, back on form 4.36% ahead of Lyn and Tony. Well done. A "straw poll" last night suggested that we continue with the pre dealt hands. Regards, Buzz.

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This week's winners are Peter and Tony with an excellent score of 67.27% . Very well done. According to the printed sheet available after the evening it shows slams were biddable on boards 12.17.20. and 21. Congratulations to those who made them. Another excellent turnout with 11 complete tables. This was our second week of pre dealt hands, and I am getting the feeling that they are not very popular. What I suggest is that we give them a month's trial and then decide what we want to do. There are of course advantages with them, i.e. less work at the beginning of the evening and the printed sheets after. I hope "members" will feel this is OK. Regards, Buzz.

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Many congratulations to the "scratch" pairing of Phyll Skull and Tony Gray who are this week's winners by the enormous margin of 11.01%. Am I sensing a shuffling of existing partnerships for the future?

Well done those who found slams as well. For those who collected the results sheets at the end of the evening , you will have seen that slams were available on boards 4,9,14 and 17, although Mike and Babette actually managed to find one on board 23. My own personal feeling with regard to pre dealt hands was that it saved time and work on the evening, but having started at board 10, we had most of the cards to start with, but then had very little for some considerable time, especially South. Early days ,but on balance I think it sensible to continue for a couple of more weeks at least and then take stock. Regards, Buzz. P.S. Regret unable to attach hands from memory stick.

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Good morning all… Congratulations to last nights winners Penny and Maureen who along with Terry and Mike and also Barbara and Arthur found slams. Regards. John Court

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Champagne for breakfast in the Williamson household this morning, our winners being1.19% ahead of Keith and Geri. Well done. Playing south last night was a pretty dismal experience your scorer only playing 3 times. A quick check, however, revealed that that 58% of the hands were in fact N/S which does illustrate to a certain extent the skewing effect of arrow switches and unplayed boards. Again last night there were many examples of 3NT + 1 beating 4 of a major and 5 of a minor. There must be a message there. Regards, Buzz

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A very close run thing last night with Mike and Terry 0.23% ahead of Peter and Tony. They came with a very strong run on the last half dozen boards or so. Congratulations. There was also vey tightly packed midfield with only 10% exactly covering positions 5 to 20 inclusive. On a personal note I should have remembered with regard to board 12 that it is a good idea to make one's winners rather than continuing to "make one's losers" especially as the card concerned was the ace of spades in no trumps with winners in dummy and my own hand. Result a bottom!. Another excellent turnout with 12 tables. Regards, Buzz

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Good morning all. Another very pleasant evening at the club with thanks to Keith (bang bang) Williams for directing with panache. He hammered his way to second place with Geri. But our winners this week with 64.49% are Christine and Mike who are to be congratulated on bidding and making the only slam of the evening. Pairs 16 and 2 did not record/check their scores on board 17 and have been awarded an average. Regards, John Court.

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Assuming the results are correct, as I could detect no errors when checking, huge applause is due to Peter Williamson and Derek ("call me super sub") Stewart with an outstanding score of 72.40%, 14.33% ahead of Michael and Terry. Very well done indeed. Peter M and I have agreed that the monthly competition can be won twice a year to reflect the results more accurately. I thought there were some interesting hands last night with 4 slams being bid and made with other boards providing large scores. Peter and I are away next week, so deputy Keith will be directing. Regards, Buzz

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Richard and John are a tad ahead of Linda and Peter, clear of third place. Well done. A very good turnout last night, with some interesting cards, but lots of part scores I felt. Regards, Buzz.

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Congratulations to this week's clear winners namely Wendy and Peter. Well done. The general consensus was that N/S had the cards last night and I certainly think we had the balance of the game bids. There was an anomaly on board 15 were a score was missing, so I made no entry for that hand, not trying to guess what happened or giving an average. No slams and very few 12 or 13 tricks made. Regards, Buzz

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Herewith I hope are the only results I will be sending this week. I am delighted to advise that the winners are Diana and Ron who have been stalwarts of the club for some years. Many congratulations. There were many slams last night which makes a pleasant change. Playing South was, however, a fairly miserable experience I felt.

I need a partner for the 10th. of May if anyone is free. Thanks, Buzz

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Many congratulations to Lyn Gray and Keith Williams for being the clear winners this week joining Keith's own 70% club. I must mention my neighbours Wendy and Ros for finding and making two slams. Well done.

I attempted to change the names of pair 4 to unknown, but the system would not have it!

Keith will be in charge next week. Regards, Buzz

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Continuing on their winning ways, this week's victors are John and Richard, just under 6 % ahead of the scratch pairing of Brenda and Terry. It was noticeable that in the last four boards, John and Richard achieved 4 outright tops. Well done

I would commend board 21 to all players, a scorers dream! Thanks to Bernie for providing new cards.

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This week's winners by 3.57% are Christine and Mike. Well done. Terry and Chris were the only pair to bid and make a slam. A much more balanced evening yesterday compared with last week's somewhat bizarre split.

Regards, Buzz

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Whilst not in the newly formed 70% club, this week's winners are Margaret and Chris Rastin who made 2 slams one being of the grand variety. A mention too for Linda and Peter who bid and made 3 slams, so very well done.

Altogether 10 slams were bid and made last night.

I really cannot understand what all the moans and groans were from the E/W players. We played 242 hands of which 77 produced games or better. N/S made 65 of these and E/W 12. What could be fairer than that!! (11 were on one board) I suppose on reflection it can be a bit boring when the cards are so unbalanced. Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations to our winners who are once again Peter Williamson and Tony Gray.

They appear to be forming their own “over 70’s club” with a stunning 72.86%.

Regards, John Court

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Congratulations to winners Peter Williamson and Tony Gray who broke through the 70% mark....and well done to Mike Langstone and Babette Nicholls for the only slam of the evening.

Thanks to Keith Williams for calmly directing the nights proceedings. John Court

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This week's winners by a substantial margin are Wendy and Peter Williamson. Very well done indeed.

It was I feel another evening of lots of part scores and failed contracts. The exception was board 17 where everyone made 7 hearts although only Penny and Peter Dixon actually bid the slam which was in fact a lay down. I apologise to my partner for indicating I had no aces whereas I did have one !! John Shade and Richard Glasby were the only other pairing to dig out a slam from board 14 making 6 clubs. Well done. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a short head are John Shade and Richard Glasby. Congratulations to them. It was actually very close for the first 5 places. I am a little worried, as upon checking the scores I couldn't find any of the usual "deliberate" mistakes, so hopefully these figures will stand after everyone, who does so, have checked their own personal scores.

One thing stuck out whist scoring was the very wide variation in results on many of the boards reflecting I suppose the many hands contained long minor suits and singletons and voids.

Twelve tables last night. Thank you all for supporting our club in such numbers. Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations to our winners Tony and Peter, and also to runners up Chris and Mike. Both pairs achieved over 60% (67.05% and 63.41%) while the rest of us languished below.

No slams, but an interesting evening.

Thanks also to Mike Wood for presiding over the proceedings.

Please open the attached file to see the results. Regards, John Court

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This week's winners are Peter W. and Derek who only played together at the last minute as the Grays were delayed on the A12. As they say it is an ill wind.... Congratulations

An evening of part scores with only 22% of hands producing games bid and made. There were no slams.

Regards, Buzz

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I know I have mentioned this facility before, but I really would commend it to all our members.

Theo Todman, well known to many of us, runs it on a purely voluntary basis and provides a huge amount of information. The site is http://www.essexbridgeresults.org.uk/jubilee . Well worth a visit. Regards, Buzz


This week's winners are Derek and Tony by the outstanding margin of just over 7%. Very well done indeed.

Christine and Mike were the only pair to find a slam on the very first hand of the evening. No one else made 12 tricks on that hand.

As of last night we are starting our monthly competition for a bottle of wine for each member of the victorious pair. We will be using our resident statistician's figures. To qualify you must play twice during the month, and so as to spread the chance of winning no pair will be allowed to win more than twice a year. Lastly the umpire's decision will be final. Regards, Buzz

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This week's clear winners are Mike Goodswen and Terry Murphy. Many congratulations. Once again the cards were not terribly exciting I felt, and indeed a quick check revealed that of the 192 hands played only 37 resulted in games being bid and made or just over 19%. There were many failed contracts with a fair amount of doubling and minus 1100 appears several times. Regards, Buzz

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Firstly, a huge thank you to Bernie for providing us with such an excellent "spread" for our annual party. I am a bit worried as to what his thoughts are on our alcohol needs as there was so much left over. Thanks again Bernie.

This week's winners are Ros and Wendy. Well done indeed. The fact that they are my immediate neighbours is purely coincidental! Regards, Buzz P.S. For security reasons I am sending the results as Bcc.

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Apologies again for the misplaced boards at the beginning last night. I eventually had to give an average for those which were out of order. Anyway this week's winners are Peter and Tony once more. Perhaps the lure of a bottle of wine at the end of the month is spurring them on already! Well done. Christine and Mike were the only pair to find and bid a slam so congratulations to them too. Next week as previously advertised is our year end party, starting promptly at 7o'clock. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners continuing on their winning ways are John and Richard. Congratulations. The only pair to bid and make a slam are Wendy and Peter Williamson. Clearly true compatibility. Whilst not there myself 7 tables was, I feel, a pretty good turnout considering the date.

Wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017. Regards, Buzz.

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Firstly a big thank you for your extremely generous gifts last night. They are greatly appreciated.

This week's winners by a huge margin of just under 10% are Peter and Tony. They were also the only pair to bid and make the slam. Very many congratulations.

Our next outing is the 4th. of January with our party on the 18th.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy and prosperous 2017.

Regards, Buzz

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Hopefully attached are the correct results for last night. It was a very close run thing for 1st. place with John and Richard 0.10% ahead of Wendy and Peter. Congratulations. On a different note, it was I think the most miserable night for N/S I can remember, especially those who were not moving. A quick check revealed that of the 176 hands played only 14 resulted in a game for N/S. What was even worse was that 7 of those were on boards 3 &4 which we did not play.

There were none from board 7 to 17 inclusive. If there is a bridge God/Goddess, we had obviously done something seriously wrong to upset him/her! Many thanks, Buzz

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Line honours this week go to Peter W. and Tony with an excellent score of 72.32 over 8% ahead of Audrey and Mike.

Very well played. Six pairs found slams last night with Maureen and Pam finding two. Congratulations to all.

As those who were present last night will know, Peter Mamelok announced that from next year the table money will be £2.50 per player which is still cheaper than many cups of coffee one buys in the multitude of Costas and the like, and is the first increase for more years than I care to remember. There will be no bridge on the 28th December, but it is proposed that our "Christmas" party will be on the 18th. January. Regards, Buzz

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Firstly, thank you for your support last night. We raised £152.00 which I think is an excellent result especially as many had contributed previously at other clubs. The clear winners with an amazing total of 76.39% are John and Richard. This surely must be challenging for national honours. Very well done. Regards, Buzz.

I very much regret that on board 10 I entered all the results in the wrong column, which is actually quite easy to do. I am indebted to the Williamsons for pointing this out. John and Richard are still the clear leaders with an excellent result but not quite as stunning as before. Many apologies, Buzz

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Congratulations to this weeks winners Linda and Peter, and congratulations also to Lyn and Val who made the nights only slam (6D doubled) on board 6. John Court.

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Our winners this week are Val and Lyn, just .31% ahead of Penny and Maureen. Congratulations.

The general opinion on the cards last night was that were very peculiar which is witnessed by the results. We played 230 hands of which only (after a quick check) produced 53 games bid and made. There were lots of failed contracts, with some judicious doubling. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a small margin are Peter and John (again), just ahead of Vivien and Lyn. Well done. Mention must also go to Christine and Mike for bidding and making TWO slams last night the only pair so to do. Personally I felt that North has pretty unexciting cards. With regard to board 4, one score was omitted altogether. I did not give an average but deleted any reference to it. Regards, Buzz

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This week's leaders are Tony and Peter W. with a commendable 63.69%.

Many thanks to Ray for the excellent champagne he so kindly provided to celebrate the unspecified anniversary of his 50th. birthday. He was given a rendition of "Happy Birthday" at the very end of the evening. I am pleased to say that the Jubilee glee club was in fine voice! Another mention goes to Geri and Keith for bidding and making a grand slam on board 21 the only pair to bid it whilst others made 13 but only bid small slams. As they were the last to play the hand and there was at least one king missing, perhaps the champagne helped in the bidding. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by the terrific margin of 8.33% are Christine and Mike. Many congratulations. There were a couple of boards which stood out, namely 3 where everybody made 4 spades minus 1 and 21 where a grand slam was available. As is often the case no trumps squeaked the top place by being a score of 2220 against 2210 for hearts. Wendy and Peter were the only pairing to be in no trumps, so well done. Lastly I feel that the Jubilee choir needs a bit more practice before we perform again! Regards, Buzz

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We have joint winners this week namely John and Peter and Babette and Mike. Congratulations to both teams. It was an evening of many failed contracts and no opportunities for a slam. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a considerable margin are our long serving members of Penny and Maureen. Many congratulations. An excellent turnout again last night of 11 tables, with several regulars missing. Long may it continue. It was I felt an evening of part scores and failed contracts, with the use of doubles and even redoubles more in evidence than normal. There were a few scoring anomalies last night. It would be helpful if you spot what looks like an incorrect score to discuss it with the table concerned rather than just leaving a question mark. Many thanks, Buzz.

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Congratulations this week are due to Chris and Terry, just ahead of Derek and Lyn. Board 6 provided the only real slam possibilities so well done those who bid and made them. To me it seemed to be an evening of long minor suits with an abundance of singletons. Pleased to see our numbers up again to ten tables. Regards, Buzz

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Herewith the results for last night which I hope are correct as the movement did throw up certain problems to your scorer. This week's winners by a clear margin are Derek and Tony. Many congratulations. We were a very select few last night, so on the hottest day of the year thanks to those who played. Regards, Buzz

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Very close for the first three places this week. The winners are Peter and Tony . Congratulations.

A very good turnout last night with some interesting cards. Regards, Buzz

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Hopefully herewith results for last night. The plaudits this week go to Linda and Peter who always play well together at our club. Congratulations as they were well clear of the rest of the field. A mention too for Chris and Marie who as far as I noted were the only pair to bid and make a slam. This was on board 27. Well done. Regards, Buzz

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Sorry for the delay. After a 5 hour round of golf in near gale force conditions and a drive home from Frinton, I decided not to do the scoring last night as I would probably nodded off over the keyboard. Congratulations go to Christine and Mike (again) in what was a pretty rotten evening for N/S. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners are the "scratch" team of John Court and Keith Williams for the second day running, if my information is correct. Many congratulations.

It was I feel another pretty miserable night for those sitting South with us only playing and actually making 6.5% ( i.e. 14 ) of the total 216 hands played

Regards, Buzz

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Herewith results for Wednesday. It would seem to have been an evening of part scores. Peter and Tony are top. Many congratulations to them.

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This week's winners by a clear margin are the scratch team of Robbie and John. Very well done. Buzz

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This week's winners are Linda and Peter who are always very close to the top when they play. Well done especially as they were sitting N/S.

It was truly a miserable evening for N/S, and a quick check reveals that out of the 24 boards played there were only an overall total of 5 games bid and made in the entire session: 2 on board 13, and 3 on 14. Nothing before or after! We have obviously done something to upset the bridge gods. Hopefully things will improve.Regards, Buzz

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The winners this week are Babette and Mike back to form with a clear lead over our recent "hot" team of Christine and Mike. Well done. We had a good cross section of hands last night I felt, but no slams bid or made. Regards, Buzz

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What fun we had last night. On the rerun the victors are Maureen Smart and Pam Turnbull. Very well done under the circumstances.

There was a problem at the end which as far as I can tell resulted in boards 11 & 12 being played once too often, and boards 7&8 not being played for the last round. However with use of the

delete button and my undoubted typing skills the programme was able to accommodate this situation. Board 13 was clearly a trap for the unwary. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winers are Peter Copsey and John Court, showing impressive form after a recent absence. Congratulations. A mention also for Geri and Keith making a grand slam in no trumps.

Regards, Buzz

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Once again Christine and Mike are this week's winners. Not only that they bid and made 3 slams last night. Could be a record. Very well done.

We certainly had some interesting cards, with Babette/Mike and Irene/Sylvia making grand slams in no trumps and vulnerable. Good stuff.

Altogether 40 hands made 12 tricks or more. Long may it continue. Regards, Buzz

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Once again Christine and Mike are clear winners this week with a good margin over the rest of the field. Many congratulations. There were 3 slams bid and made last night including the leaders, so well done to all three.

I must comment on what utterly miserable hands North had last night. Personally I did not play one hand which prompted me to look at how others fared. Of 147 hands played only 15 were played by North and of these only 6 were made, making me think that we were getting desperate and bidding beyond the strength of the hand, just to play! It cannot get any worse. (I hope)

Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a clear margin are Christine and Mike again. Well done. I would imagine they are contenders for the quarterly shield, but no doubt Keith's stats will reveal all shortly.

I also promised to mention margaret and Graham as the only pairing to bid and make a slam last night. It was, however against us, but it was very well bid and made. There was a classic example of why we play this game on board 13 where spades never made less than 11 tricks 4 pairs making 12, but only two pairs bid to game. Regards, Buzz

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Herewith the hopefully correct results for last night. Time will tell.

The winners by a small margin are Babette and Mike, just ahead of last week's winners Christine and Mike.

Three teams bid and made a slam on board 17, namely the winners, Peter and John and Margaret and Peter. Well done.

A much better evening for N/S, but some really good cards all round.

Regards, Buzz

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This week's clear winners are Christine and Mike. Many congratulations. Another evening favouring E/W I felt with lots of part scores and failing contracts all round. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners are the long established team of Geri and Keith. Congratulations to them. A good evening for E/W card wise with some big scores in that direction. 4 slams bid and made so well done those involved. Regards, Buzz

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For the second week running this week's leaders are Chris and Terry, but jointly with Wendy and Peter Williamson. Congratulaions to both pairs.

A really good turnout last night being 12 full tables. There was a slam available on board 12 being bid by Chris and Terry and also John and Colin.Well done again. There were some really interesting hands which I think favoured the brave. Regards, Buzz

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Herewith the first and hopefully the last edition of this week's results. Congratulations go to Terry and Chris with an excellent score of 67.78%. Not far behind are Mike and Babette, and Peter and Tony both pairings bidding and making small slams on board 12. Mike and Babette, however, were in no trumps giving them an outright top over 6 hearts and your scorer and his partner an outright bottom! Everybody made 12 tricks. Board 7 is worth a mention-the first hand we played. I opened one no trump 12-14 but such was the distribution that most hands were played in spades by East although 13 tricks was available in diamondsby west. A very quick examination of the hands led us to believe that I no trump would have made no tricks at all!

Thanks, Buzz.

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Congratulations to Carol and John, winners by a tad under 6%. Well done.

Very much an E/W evening again, I felt. My partner and I starting with board 7 did not play at all for the first nine boards. Peter only played once all night, which probably explains our ranking. Playing 21 boards out of 27 can I suppose skew the whole evening. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners by a clear margin are Peter Williamson and Tony Gray, so congratulations to them. It was a truly miserable for N/S last night I felt, and a quick check of the 216 hands played revealed that two thirds were played E/W. Purely on a personal basis my partner and I only played 7 times, of which I played 2 ! I felt I should draw your attention to board 16 with everyone being in 3 no trumps going off 2. It makes scoring very easy. Regards, Buzz

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Some fascinating results this week with a tie for first place with two "scratch" pairings in joint top place featuring the Gray family. They were however in different pairs with Tony playing with Keith and Lyn playing with Sylvia, so very well done to both pairs. Some good cards last night with quite a small spread in totals especially from top to midwayish. Congratulations also to Colin and John, John and Peter and David and Chris for bidding and making a grand slam in spades, the first for some time I think. Indeed the first score on board one was a grand slam. Regards, Buzz

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Modesty once again precludes me from naming the winning pair this week and it is very good to see our long time supporters Diane and Ron in second place closely followed by the "needing a partner" team of Margaret and Robbie. Another scratch pairing of Irene and Graham were the only two to bid and make a slam on board 14, so congratulations to them. I am sure most will remember board 18 which made 11 tricks in hearts N/S and also 11 tricks in spades E/W. Judging by the traveller there was some very competitive bidding. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners are Freda and Mike, just ahead of Linda and Peter. They were the only pair to find two slams, although not everybody could play the same boards because of the movement. Congratulations. Regards, Buzz

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This week's clear winners are Christine and Mike. Well done. Congratulations to the three who found the slam on board 26 , and to John and Colin who worked out that there were 12 to be made on board 2. Interesting cards last night I felt, with a good balance between N/S and E/W.

Regards, Buzz

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Congratulations this week go to Peter B. and Graham M. who are just ahead of Wendy and Peter W. There is I believe a biblical quote which goes along the lines of those who are first shall be last and vice versa. Well the vice bit is certainly true this week. I make no further comment in that respect. Some interesting failed contracts last night, with myself going down minus 6 doubled vulnerable for 1700 to mike and Doug for an absolute bottom, but Keith and Geri going down minus 8 in 5 diamonds for minus 400 for an asbolute top! Such is bridge.

Regards, Buzz

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Modesty precludes me from naming this week's apparent winners, but I must congratulate my partner for his outstanding play last night.

Whilst we had some really interesting hands last, South I felt had a pretty miserable evening, but with 30 boards out and a half table, it is possible to miss the good ones.

A quick check revealed that there were only 25 games bid and made N/S and 29 E/W out of 216 hands played.

As mentioned last night, Theo Todman a well known player runs a website collating all sorts of data for a number of clubs including Bernie's and the ECBA. He has been collating our records from another website run by a near neighbour of mine Maureen Vide, but I am now sending the results directly to him.

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Chris and Terry are this week's standout winners, many congratulations. It seems to have been a complete cross section of cards last night, and thanks to

Bernie for providing new ones. Still no slams ! Perhaps we will have to institute a prize for those making one. Regards, Buzz

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This week's winners are Jacquie and Len a tad ahead of Christine and Mike. Congratulations to them. The actual spread between top and bottom is actually very small being only 17.20%, not much of a margin at all. There were two scores not entered so out of the kindness of my heart and also that we are not playing for points, I have given averages whereas I think technically it should be average minus. Could I remind everyone that they should all check the scores to make sure they are correct. Many thanks, Buzz.

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