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  • The St. Edith's Lane Bridge Club met for 30 years at St. Edith's Lane, Billericay. From 2017 onwards the club has been meeting on Wednesdays at the Hutton Duplicate Bridge Club, into which it has been incorporated.
  • This site retains whatever history is available, and carries forward the ladders - omitting the "first Wednesdays" on which the Club used not to meet, and which are now "Friendly first Wednesdays" at Hutton.

Meets at

Becket Keys School,

Sawyer's Hall Lane,

Brentwood, Essex CM15 9DA


These ladders are no longer maintained. Those up to the end of 2017 are retained for historical interest.

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70s Club

The table below shows - in descending date order - those who have scored 70% or more.

Date Partnership %age Results Link
13/12/2017 Jon Ward & Tony French 75 Session Link
21/06/2017 Jon Ward & Tony French 70.67 Session Link
22/02/2017 Alaric Cundy & Dorothy Cundy 71 Session Link
25/01/2017 Andrew Watson & Betty Simpson 70.63 Session Link
18/01/2017 Alaric Cundy & Dorothy Cundy 70 Session Link
23/11/2016 Alaric Cundy & Nick Hagan 70.5 Session Link
21/09/2016 George Vede & Maureen Vede 72 Session Link
30/03/2016 Alaric Cundy & Dorothy Cundy 71.43 Session Link
30/09/2015 Alaric Cundy & Dorothy Cundy 74 Session Link
13/02/2013 Carolyn Rudkin & Nick Hagan 74.31 Session Link
27/04/2011 Frances Drewe & Peter Drewe 71.67  

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