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For the "official" 2016 "Final League Table", follow This Link.

Note that this page differs slightly from my version of the final partnership ladder (click the link, then scroll down). I've not fully checked it, but I think the reason for the difference is that the official version averages "ladder points" rather than the %ages from the individual sessions. So, the official version gives more weight to the bigger sessions than the smaller ones, which may well be more equitable than the way things are usually done.

Meets at

Brightside Primary School


Billericay CM12 0LE


For the Official Pilgrim Bridge Club Website → Click Here.

These ladders are no longer maintained. Those up to the end of 2017 are retained for historical interest.

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70s Club

The table below shows - in descending date order - those who have scored 70% or more.

Date Partnership %age Results Link
11/09/2017 Beryl Baker & Pam Perry 73.21 Session Link
07/08/2017 Alan Veats & Ann Field 73.13 Session Link
13/03/2017 Mike Langstone & Mike Wood 76.49 Session Link
11/07/2016 Gaye Harrop & Judith Mellor 70.59 Session Link
02/11/2015 Carolyn Veats & Sue Bond 72.22 Session Link
05/10/2015 Faye Gregson & Gill Bamber 71.53 Session Link
23/02/2015 Barbara Rowland & Mike Langstone 70.48 Session Link
01/12/2014 David Lowe & Sandra Lowe 71.92 Session Link
09/06/2014 David Lowe & Sandra Lowe 70.08 Session Link
28/04/2014 Arthur Kemp & John Pountney 75 Session Link
03/02/2014 Margaret Boreham & Mike Boreham 70.27 Session Link
11/11/2013 Laurie Lock & Pauline Lock 70.1 Session Link
07/10/2013 Margaret Boreham & Mike Boreham 71.36 Session Link
09/09/2013 Ann Field & Christine Brady 73.75 Session Link
22/07/2013 Carolyn Veats & Sue Bond 70.63 Session Link
06/08/2012 Peter Williamson & Wendy Williamson 73.93 Session Link
21/05/2012 Peter Williamson & Wendy Williamson 76.04 Session Link
02/04/2012 Alan Bremerman & Harry Wedge 76.85 Session Link
19/03/2012 Peter Williamson & Wendy Williamson 70.07 Session Link

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