Pilgrim Bridge Club

Week 11 Results

Here are the results for the week of 3rd April 2017 (week 11):

Pos'n Pair Number Points Max %age
1Sandra & David Lowe916224067.50%
2Bob Law & Terry Theobald113424055.83%
3Pauline & Laurie Lock1013324055.42%
4Jenny & David Palmer1412924053.75%
5Ann Field & Sue Bond312824053.33%
6Catherine Parker & Harry Wedge412624052.50%
7Babette Nichols & Betty Stacey1112424051.67%
=8Beryl Baker & Pam Perry812024050.00%
=8Barbara Rowland & Hazel Smith612024050.00%
10Gaye Harrop & Judith Mellor711924049.58%
=11Arthur Kemp & John Poutney210424043.33%
=11Chris Friend & Marion Grant510424043.33%
13Maggie & Mike Boreham129224038.33%
14Janet Roberts & Terry Bower138524035.42%