Pilgrim Bridge Club

Week 9 Results

Here are the results for the week of 29th February 2016 (week 9):

Pos'n Pair Number Points Max %age
1Bob Law & Terry Theobald1116426462.12%
2Sandra & David Lowe616226461.36%
3Maggie & Mike Boreham716026460.61%
=4Arthur Kemp & John Pountney915026456.82%
=4Phyllis & Arthur Cooper1215026456.82%
6Gaye Harrop & Judith Mellor214726455.68%
7Faye Gregson & Gill Bamber414626455.30%
8Catherine Parker & Harry Wedge812226446.21%
9Jenny & David Palmer312126445.83%
10Janet Roberts & Terry Bower511026441.67%
11Ann Field & Alan Veats1010926441.29%
12Chris Friend & Marion Grant1310826440.91%
13Marion & Bill Howard 1410526439.77%
14Barbara Rowland & Josie Foster19426435.61%