Pilgrim Bridge Club

Week 28 Results

Here are the results for the week of 30th September 2013 (week 28):

Pos'n Pair Number Points Max %age
1Jo St. John & Clifford Mullett1212822058.18%
2Janet Roberts & Terry Bower712222055.45%
3Maggie & Mike Boreham111822053.64%
4Phyllis & Arthur Cooper611422051.82%
5Marion Howard & Mike Robb1011322051.36%
6Jenny & David Palmer811222050.91%
7Bill Howard & Harry Wedge1110922049.55%
8Bob Law & Terry Theobald510722048.64%
9Sue Bond & Carolyn Veats310522047.73%
10Margaret Coulson & Dawn Hutchison410122045.91%
11Maureen Smart & Pamela Turnbull99822044.55%
12Beryl Baker & Pam Perry29322042.27%