This page lists those websites once maintained by the former ECBA webmaster.

For a full (or fuller) list of Duplicate Bridge Clubs in Essex follow this link to the ECBA Website.


Below is a table of some Essex Duplicate Bridge clubs, mostly in the neighbourhood of Billericay, with ready access to recent results. The left-hand column provides links to small - and mostly unofficial - websites which contain the results files (usually for the last 4-5 years, as of end 2017) and Individual and Partnership ladders for the same period. The next column links to the official websites for these clubs, where they have one (but which don't have a results archive). The "latest results" column links directly to the latest results, as they are posted on-line either on their own sites or on another portal, and indicates when the clubs meet.

For more information on these sites, follow this Link. The sites were maintained by the ECBA Webmaster at no cost to the clubs or the ECBA. While the ECBA Committee was supportive of this project, it is not responsible for it.

Club / Day & Data Repository Official Website Latest Results
Monday Club Website adopted Monday Afternoon
Ann Owen Bridge Club None Tuesday Afternoon
Mayflower Bridge Club Mayflower Tuesday Evening
Apple Website adopted Wednesday Morning
St. Edith's Hutton Wednesday Evening
Jubilee Club Website adopted Wednesday Evening
Hutton Union Website adopted Friday Afternoon

Other Ladders

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