Acts Website Appendix B - Story Blocks of Acts NP

Story Block 0: Introduction
1:1-9 1 0 A Transition from Jesus to the apostles
1:10-12 2 B Angelic figures reassure the apostles of Jesus’ return
Story Block 1: The Twelve Witness in Jerusalem
1:13-14 I 1 Opening situation of the apostles
1:15-26 3 A a Restoration of the Twelve
2:1-4 4 b Empowerment of the Twelve
2:5-41 5 c First fruits of Empowerment
2:42-47 II B Opening situation of the community of believers
3:1-10 6 a α Healing of the man born lame
3:11–4:4 7 β Preaching repentance to people and leaders
4:5-31 8 γ Trial of Peter and John and reaction of the community
4:32-35 III b Revised situation of the community of believers
4:36-37 9 α Barnabas
5:1-11 10 β Ananias and Sapphira
5:12-16 IV Revised situation of the apostles
5:19-26 12 δ Humiliation of the Council
5:27-41 11b γ2 Trial of the Twelve continued
5:17-18 11a γ1 Trial of the Twelve
5:42 V Closing situation of the apostles
Story Block 2: Election of the Seven
6:1-6 13 2 Transition to the Seven, particularly Stephen
6:7 VI The word of God continues to advance
Story Block 3: Stephen
6:8-8:3 14 3 Stephen’s arrest, trial and death
Story Block 4: Saul’s Persecution of the Believers
8:4 VII 4 Opening situation of the scattering of the believers
8:5-8 15 A a Samaria accepts the word of God through Philip’s ministry
8:9-13 16 b Simon Magus 1
8:14-24 17 c Reaction from Jerusalem; Peter and John, and Simon Magus 2
8:25 VIII The return to Jerusalem
8:26-40 18 B Philip and the Ethiopian Eunuch
9:1-9 19 C a α The dramatic turnaround of Saul
9:10-21 20 β Ananias and Saul
9:22-25 21 γ Reaction of the Jews in Damascus to Saul
9:26-27 22 b α Reaction of the Jerusalem disciples to Saul
9:28-30 23 β Saul’s ministry in Jerusalem
9:31 IX Closing situation of peace in Jerusalem
Story Block 5: Peter’s Journey
9:32-35 24 5 A a Healing of Aeneas in Lydda
9:36-43 25 b Raising of Tabitha in Joppa
10:1-23 26 B a Peter agrees to go to Caesarea to visit Cornelius, a Gentile
10:24-48 27 b Peter preaches to the household of Cornelius
11:1-18 28 C Peter returns to criticism in Jerusalem
Story Block 6: Start of Saul and Barnabas, End of the Twelve
11:19 X 5 Some of the scattered travel beyond Palestine, preaching only to Jews
11:20-21 29 6 A a Some in Antioch preach to Gentiles as well, with great results
11:22-24 30 b Reaction from Jerusalem
11:25-26 31 c Start of ministry partnership of Barnabas and Saul/Paul
12:25 32b B2 Barnabas and Saul return from Jerusalem to Antioch
11:27-30 32a B1 Barnabas and Saul sent on a relief mission to Jerusalem
12:1-5 33 C a α The persecution by Herod of the leading believers
12:6-11 34 β Peter’s escape from Prison
12:12-19 35 γ Peter’s exit from Jerusalem
12:20-23 36 b The death of Herod
12:24 XI The word of God continues to make advances
Story Block 7: The Opened Door to the Gentiles
13:1-3 37 7 A a Barnabas and Saul are commissioned for a work of the Holy Spirit
13:4-12 38 b Preaching in the synagogues of Cyprus
13:13-52 39 c Preaching in the synagogue at Pisidian Antioch
14:1-7 40 d Events are repeated in Iconium
14:8-10 41 e α Healing of a lame man in Lystra
14:11-18 42 β The crowds attempt to offer sacrifice to Paul and Barnabas
14:19-20 43 γ Jews from Antioch and Iconium stir up a mob to stone Paul
14:21-28 44 f Return journey to Syrian Antioch and completion of the work
15:1-35 45 B Controversy in Jerusalem following the opened door to the Gentiles
Story Block 8: The End of Paul and Barnabas’ Partnership
15:36-40 46 8 A End of the partnership between Paul and Barnabas
16:1-4 47 B Delivery of the decision letter from the apostle and elders
16:5 XII The congregations of believers continue to thrive
Story Block 9A: Paul’s Ministry in Greece and Asia
16:6-12 48 9 A a α Paul and his companions journey to Philippi, Macedonia
16:13-15 49 β Lydia becomes a believer
16:16-18 50 γ Paul casts a demon out of a fortune-telling slave girl
16:19-24 51a δ1 The magistrates beat and imprison Paul and Silas
16:25-34 52 ε The Philippian jailer comes to faith
16:35-40 51b δ2 Paul and Silas are released and leave Philippi
17:1-9 53 b α Paul and Silas in Thessalonica
17:10-15 54 β Paul and Silas in Beroea
17:16-34 55 c Paul in Athens
18:1-8 56 d α Paul in Corinth with Priscilla and Aquila
18:9-17 57 β Paul brought before proconsul Gallio
18:18 58a e α1 Paul sets off for Syria
18:19-21 59 β Paul stops off in Ephesus
18:22-23 58b α2 Paul travels to Syria and, after some time, returns to Galatia
18:24-28 60 γ Apollos in Ephesus and then Corinth
19:1-7 61 f α Paul comes to Ephesus and baptises some disciples of John
19:8-10 62 β Paul preaches for two years in Asia
19:11-19 63 γ Seven sons of Sceva try to copy Paul’s miracles
19:20 XIII The word of God continues to advance
Story Block 9B: Paul’s Fateful Visit to Jerusalem
19:21-22 64 9 B1 a α Paul resolves to go to Jerusalem and then visit Rome
19:23-41 65 A f δ Demetrius provokes a riot in Ephesus over the Way
20:1-3 66 B2 a β Paul sets off for Jerusalem via Macedonia
20:4-13 67 γ The raising of Eutychus in Troas
20:14-38 68 δ Paul says farewell to the Ephesian elders in Miletus
21:1-6 69 ε Paul is warned in Tyre not to go to Jerusalem
21:7-17 70 ζ Paul travels to Tyre, is warned again, but goes to Jerusalem
21:18-26 71 b Paul meets with James and the Elders
21:27-34 72 c α Paul is seized in the Temple and is bound by the Tribune
21:35-36 73a β1 The soldiers try to take Paul into the barracks
21:37-39 74 γ Paul requests permission to speak to the people
21:40-22:24 73b β2 Paul addresses the people but has to be rescued and brought into the barracks for questioning
22:25-29 75 δ Paul reveals that he was born a Roman citizen
22:30–23:10 76 d The tribune takes Paul before the Sanhedrin but Paul has to be rescued again
23:11 XIV The Lord tells Paul he must now also bear witness in Rome
Story Block 9C: Paul’s Journey to Rome
23:12-35 77 9 C a Paul is sent to Caesarea to escape a Jewish plot to kill him
24:1-23 78 b α Paul is accused by the Jews before Roman governor Felix
24:24-26 79 β Felix holds Paul in captivity but often converses with him
24:27-25:12 80 c α Paul is accused by the Jews before new governor, Festus, and appeals to Caesar
25:13-26:32 81 β King Agrippa visits Festus and asks to hear Paul. Agrippa relates that Paul could have been freed, if not for his appeal.
27:1-8 82 d α Under centurion Julius, Paul sails to Myra and Fair Havens
27:9-13 83 β Paul warns them not to travel on but they set sail anyway
27:14-26 84 γ The ship is seized by a violent wind and driven on for days
27:27-32 85 δ Approaching land, the sailors try to escape but are foiled
27:33-38 86 ε Paul encourages everybody to take hope and eat
27:39–28:1 87 ζ The crew attempt to beach the ship but hit a reef, the soldiers are prevented from killing Paul and they land safely
28:2-6 88 η On Malta, Paul is bitten by a viper but survives
28:7-10 89 θ Paul heals the father of Publius and many locals
28:11-15 90 ι Paul and the others complete their journey to Rome
28:16-31 91 e Paul calls the Jewish leaders together and receives a divided response before pronouncing Isaiah 6:8-10