Identity, Survival, and Sortal Concepts
Baillie (James)
Source: Philosophical Quarterly, 1990, Vol. 40 Issue 159, p183-194, 12p
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Author’s Abstract

  1. I contest the following assumptions regarding the conditions of diachronic identity for natural kind1 members:
    1. That there is a principle whereby a and b can be located on a single continuous spatio-temporal path, and thereby be identified as stages of the same continuant particular;
    2. That the identification of a and b must be sortal-governed2;
    3. That a particular cannot change kind-membership3 without contravening its identity-conditions.
  2. I argue that these issues are best treated in terms of Derek Parfit4's 'Relation R' rather than in terms of the identity relation.

EBSCOHost Abstract
  1. Argues several claims about cases of purported identity through time for members of natural kinds5.
  2. Overview of the concept of dominant theory as described by philosopher David Wiggins;
  3. Background on a problem case which was depicted in the motion picture "The Fly" by David Cronenberg;
  4. Information on identity as sortal-relative6.

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