Abortion and the Human Animal
Tollefsen (Christopher)
Source: Christian Bioethics, Volume 10, Number 1, April 2004, pp. 105-116(12).
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    I discuss three topics. First, there is a philosophical connecting thread between several recent trends in the abortion1 discussion, namely, the issue of our animal nature, and physical embodiment. The philosophical name given to the position that you and I are essentially human animals2 is “animalism3.” In Section II of this paper, I argue that animalism4 provides a unifying theme to recent discussions of abortion5. In Section III, I discuss what we do not find among recent trends in the abortion6 discussion, namely “the right to privacy.” I suggest some reasons why the right to privacy is conspicuous by its absence. Finally, I address Patrick Lee's claim that the evil of abortion7 involves “the moral deterioration that the act brings to those who are complicit in it, and to the culture that fosters it.”

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