Why Killing Is Wrong
Feldman (Fred)
Source: Feldman - Confrontations with the Reaper, Chapter 11
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Author’s Abstract1

  1. One of the most notorious scandals of moral philosophy is this: no moral philosopher has presented a clear and plausible answer to the question "Why is it wrong to kill people?"
  2. In Chapter 10 I discussed two of the standard answers and explained why they fail.
  3. In Chapter 11, I propose a better answer of my own. I try to show that my view gives plausible results in a variety of very puzzling cases.
  4. One feature that makes my proposal especially unusual is that it is a form of utilitarianism – a view often thought to be incapable of dealing with the morality of killing.


Ideal Act Utilitarianism [173]
Vitalistic Act Utilitarianism [174]
Hedono-Vitalistic Act Utilitarianism [177]
Problems for HVAU [181]
Justicism [182]
Justicized Act Utilitarianism [185]

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Footnote 1: Taken from "Feldman (Fred) - Introduction: Confronting the Reaper".

Footnote 2: Taken from "Cushing (Simon) - Fred Feldman: Confrontations with the Reaper".

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