Garrett (Brian)
Source: Garrett - Personal Identity and Self-consciousness, 1998, Chapter 4
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  1. The Importance of Fission
  2. Six Responses to Fission
    1. The case is not really possible, so we can say nothing about it and learn nothing from it.
    2. I survive the operation, and am one or other of Lefty or Righty.
    3. I survive fission as both Lefty and Righty.
    4. The case of fission has been misdescribed. Lefty and Righty exist prior to fission, but only become spatially separated at fission.
    5. When I divide into Lefty and Righty, I cease to exist. Lefty and Righty then come into existence, and are numerically distinct, though initially very similar persons.
    6. It is vague or indeterminate whether I am Lefty and vague or indeterminate whether I am Righty. There is simply no fact of the matter as to who I am after fission.
  3. The Best Candidate1 Theory of Personal Identity
  4. Some Comments on the Best Candidate2 Theory
  5. The Lesson of Fission

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