Fission and the Focus of One's Life
Unger (Peter)
Source: Unger - Identity, Consciousness and Value, Chapter 8
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Extract from Overview1

  1. Chapter 8 starts with a clarifying discussion of fission. Because the existing literature on these matters appears nearly as confused as it is engaging, such a discussion is worth some effort.
  2. Anyway, increased clarity yields a double payoff: First, even as we find it's not (determinately) true that one survives fission, we find yet more reason to endorse the realistic compromise view of what matters2. More important, we uncover a previously unnoticed basic (pre-condition of) broad ego-centric value: the focus of a person's life.

  1. The Standard Fission Case and the Standard One-sided Case – 255
  2. Might I Survive My Standard Fission? – 260
  3. Fission Cases and Questions of Realism – 266
  4. The Focus of a Person's Life – 268
  5. The Focus of Life and Heavily Discounted Branches – 273
  6. A Person's Singular Goods – 275
  7. Three Ways for Singular Goods to Go Two Ways – 279
  8. Branches that Run in Parallel and Branches that Diverge – 282
    Appendix: Toward Greater Realism in Personal Branching – 287

In-Page Footnotes

Footnote 1: Taken from "Unger (Peter) - Precis of 'Identity, Consciousness and Value'".

Footnote 3: The bulk of sections 4-8 appear as "Unger (Peter) - Fission and the Focus of One's Life (Excerpt)" in "Martin (Raymond) & Barresi (John), Eds. - Personal Identity".

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